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An investment-related watch list is being prepared based on the expertise of our company. Our experts here advise every investor on how a good watch list should be prepared.

Stock Market Watchlist

Why should an investor make a watch list

A watch list is very important for an investor because a correct inspection is needed to pre-determine the investments he will make in the future, to which he needs to invest the shares or companies of those companies to the best of his ability. so you must create watch list

This watch list tells him where he should invest as it is important that every investor should have a good vote list to find investment opportunities to the best of their ability in every sector.

According to the advice of an expert, before buying or investing shares in any company, you should prepare a good watch list, in which you can analyze their prices and change the daily growth of the company accurately.

Sector Wise Return And Multibagger Stock List

Stock Market Watch List

  • IT – You must have a watchlist of the best companies in information technology
  • Pharma – You should know which pharmaceutical company makes the best profit, whose watchlist you make
  • Chemical – There should be diversified chemical companies under your watch list. You should know which company is doing the best work in the field of chemicals.
  • Bank – Your watch list should include both private and PSU banks
  • Finance – You should include the biggest and best growth finance companies in your watchlist.

MCX - Multi Commodity Exchange

  • Bullions – Gold/Silver - Along with the price of gold and silver, your watch list should contain the news of their prices and complete information about the trade to be done so that you can get an idea of the activities in them.
  • Metals – Aluminium | Zinc | Nickel | Lead | Before making a watch list of metals, you should have complete knowledge of their lot size and the import and export of foreign metals.
  • Energy – Crude Oil | Natural Gas - While making a watch list related to the energy sector, you should have all the important information related to transportation.

IPO Watch List

If you want to invest in the IPO market and get a watchlist of an expert to gain a return on your investment, before you start investing in an initial public offering, you need to consider all those things Need to check the things that affect your investment under a good watch.

  • Company Information – In the initial public offering, you should have complete information about the company such as its assets and annual income, and liabilities.
  • IPO Subscription – An IPO affects subscription investment, to invest in IPOs that are highly subscribed.
  • IPO Lot Size – It is necessary to know how much should be invested in a note and how many shares are covered under it.
  • IPO GMP – Check the price of IPO gray market daily as it changes daily
IPO Watch List