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24/7 Support

We are available round the clock to provide assistance. If you have any technical solution other than buying and selling shares in the stock market, you can directly contact our experienced experts.

Stock Market Trading 24/7 Support

24/7 Stock Market Trading Support

Do you face some problems while trading in the stock market for which you want to get a solution immediately? I know that you currently need a good partner who understands your problems and takes immediate action to solve them.

I am there for you 24/7 in the stock market, to do all kinds of solutions related to demat account and trading where you can use the contacts given by me to understand any problems and get solutions.

Problem In Demat Account

When someone starts trading for the first time, they get a lot of questions related to the Demat account, they start to get worried by knowing how they can solve the problems in it.

I am here to help you in all sorts of ways where you can reach me directly at any time for the problems faced by Demat account.

Trading Support

Share Buying And Selling Issue

Before making any type of deals in the stock market, some problems can be seen in trading which may take time to understand a normal person but our team is present to give you personal support.

Traders face some problems every day like buying and selling any shares in a Demat account and not placing orders? In which you do not need to be disappointed, consider us your well-wisher and present all your problems with full confidence.

Order Placement Problem

It has been seen that whenever you buy and sell a stock, that order is instantly rejected, which causes some traders to worry about their order.

In such situations, first of all, you should see that there is no shortage of money in the Demat account you keep.

In addition to which there may be cases such as sudden circuits in the stock. The main thing to note is that trading in the stock you are buying and selling has already stopped, some problems of this type are seen with most people.

In any of these situations, if any kind of problem arises with you then you should talk to the experts using the contacts given by us at the same time. We are present all the time to give you trading and technical support.

Trading Solution For Investors

24/7 Support

  • Technical Problem – Our expert is available to help you to get instant solutions to the problems faced by the trader in the demat account.
  • Buy And Sell Problem – Get The solutions to problems faced by buying and selling Shares immediately.
  • Fund Settlement – Find solutions to problems encountered in the fund statement by the exchange on buying and selling the shares.
  • No Limit For Trade – Contact our experts to resolve issues related to limits for intraday trading
  • Intraday Problem – The problems faced by the trader in the intraday are resolved immediately.

All Problem Solve Immediately

  • Problem For Carry Forward Lots – Our team provides solutions to the problems faced by buying lots in any derivatives market.
  • Market Related Problem – Our team of experts helps you to solve the problems related to trading in any financial market.
  • Rejected Order – In case of rejection of the order in the demat account, do not place this order, seek the advice of our experts.
  • CDSL TPN with OTP – Under the new rules, if you sell shares, you will need TPN in an OTP through CDSL.
  • Money Hold In IPOs – If you invest in an IPO and your money is held and there is no relief in time, you can take the advice of our experts.