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Stock Market Advisory

Are you looking for a reliable stock market advisory that can solve your problems and make good investment opportunities and plans for you in market activities under good policies that will give you more profit in trading?

Stock Market Advisory

Start Trading With Our Services

  • Open Free Demat Account - You can get a free demat account with us to invest in any financial market. 1 year annual maintenance-free and full support or ₹ 20 for buy and ₹ 20 sell for intraday.
  • 24/7 Trading Solutions - We will provide you the solution to all the problems coming to the stock market intraday. Under which solution will be provided for your technical problems and market-related problems.
  • Collateral Services Available - You can use one of your investment capital somewhere in the market. Apart from making purchases intraday, you can also invest in other financial markets by re-using the same capital.
  • All Type Market Recommendations - Our company provides you with all kinds of advice and solutions related to investing in the stock markets and other financial markets which are determined by the experience and discovery of our experts. He recommends you invest in the right direction.
  • Low Brokerage Charge With More Trading Limit - Our company gives you more limits on intraday with low brokerage so you can trade more

Futures And Options


Futures are the segment of the equity derivatives market in which indexes and stocks are traded. There are advantages in the futures equity derivatives market In which to trade within features of a fixed time frame.

1 - Stocks - All listed companies are not traded under the futures through the stock exchange. You can trade in shares of select companies only in the future. Before starting trading in futures you make sure which companies are under the futures.

2 - Indexes - You can trade in all indexes on the futures through the stock exchange. Mainly make sure that you have complete knowledge of the activities of the index market so that you can first protect your capital and get benefit from investing under future strategies.


Option equity is the segment of the derivatives market in which the index and stock are traded. The premium received in the options market expires after a certain time period.

1 - Stocks/premium - You buy and sell shares to companies in lots on which the premium you receive expires on the Thursday at the end of the month.


Intraday Trading

Based on the strategies and experience of our experts under intraday trading, you will be provided with the right platform within which you can start trading with all the segments in our website's stock market advisory service.

1 - Equity - The equity market is the first market of traders where they invest in different segments, trading in the equity market to get success and profit in your capital and trading.

2 - Stock Cash - Stock cash is a segment of the equity market within which stocks of companies are traded.

3 - Futures And Options - Future and options are derivatives of the equity derivatives market in which trading is done as per the futures with a fixed time limit. -

4 - Index Market - You can invest in indexes of sector-wise companies. Where training is done as a group of companies in which you buy and sell according to their sector.

5 - Delivery - You can keep the stock of any company with you for a long time and sell what you want to be called a shareholding, there is no brokerage on delivery.

Stock Market Advisory Support

1 - All Market-related Query Solve Just In 5 Minutes - Our company and experts will provide you with a quick solution to your trading problems.

2 - Position Carry Forward For More Margin - We will provide you with an extra margin to carry any of your position.

3 - 10% Brokerage Discount - Brokerage discount up to 10% will be provided to you under our stock advisory services

4 - Extra Margin For Futures And Options - We will provide you with an extra margin for trading in future options so that you will be able to trade more.

5 - All Segment Work Fastly - You will be provided immediate services in all segments related to trading.

Our Service In The Stock Market Advisory

1 - Long Term - You will be made aware of those investment platforms in the stock market in which you will be able to get reasonable returns by investing in the long term where the risk is less and the chances of earning more profit will be high.

2 - Short Term - You invest in the stock market from 1 week to 1 month or 6 months, we will provide you an opportunity to invest in such companies which give good returns within 1 week or 1 month.

3 - Intraday - By intraday we mean that you can buy and sell shares of any company on daily basis and earn money easily

Indian Stock Market Advisory Services

Invest In Stocks

1 - Fast-Growing Stocks – Fast-Growing Stocks are those stocks that have been growing for the last about 10 years and their business has a high potential for future growth and good returns.

2 - High Yield Stocks – High Yield Companies are those companies which consistently provide good dividends every quarter, they are called High Yield Company.

3 - Income Stocks – Income stocks include companies that grow at a rate of 5 to 10% per month.

4 - Valuation Stocks – Valuation stocks are the list of companies whose companies are performing well in the market and have good trades and services with a low price for each share.

5 - Penny Stocks – These are the stocks of companies that are priced from ₹ 1 to ₹ 10 and are more likely to rise in price at any time.

Invest in Indices Sector Wise

1 - Sensex 30 – The Sensex is a group of 30 companies which are the 30 largest large-cap companies of the Bombay Stock Exchange.

2 - Nifty 50 – Nifty Fifty is a group of 50 companies on the National Stock Exchange. These are the 50 companies that come under large-cap companies.

3 - Nifty Next 50 – Nifty Next 50 is an index of the National Stock Exchange that includes companies that have been exited from the Nifty 50

4 - Nifty Midcap 50 – Nifty Midcap Fifty is the index of the National Stock Exchange under which the companies whose capital in NSE is less than ₹ 5000 crores are included in the nifty midcap 50 companies.

5 - Nifty Smallcap 100 – NIFTY Smallcap 100 is an index of the National Stock Exchange which includes small-scale companies with a capital of more than or near 100 crores.

Multi Commodity Exchange Advisory

Multi Commodity Exchange

Trading in metals is done under a commodity exchange in which futures are a time period. Every trader can buy and sell metals in futures.

1 - Bullion - Gold/Silver You can trade gold and silver with 3-month futures. You trade in a certain future under bullion on the Multi Commodity Exchange

2 - Metal - You trade in all commodities under metal on the multi commodity exchange.

3 - Energy - You are trading in Crude Oil and Natural Gas with a fixed time period facilities, the time frame of which is 1 month

Technical Solution For Traders

Our Stock Market Advisory provides you quick solutions to all types of trading problems with advice. Our experts are available 24 hours a day to provide you solutions for trading and market-related problems that are capable of resolving your queries quickly.

24/7 Trading Support

All Query Solve In 5 Minutes

Stock Market Advisory In India
  • Complete Registration With CDSL – Here you have to ensure that your demat account is fully registered with CDSL as it protects the securities you have purchased.
  • Complete Power of Attorney – After completing the power of attorney you can declare your nominee who gets the ownership of all your shares and properties after you
  • All Market Segment Activation – If you are not able to trade in all markets with your demat account, then you will have to activate all market segments inside your demat, so that you will be able to trade in all markets.
  • Problem In Demat Account – If there is any problem while trading in your demat account then our company will solve you there with immediate solution
  • Buy And Sell Shares – Right now you are not able to buy and sell shares from your demat account then in such circumstances you can immediately contact your stock broker or our advisory
  • Intraday Limit Issue – If you have any type of boundary problem while doing intraday trading in which you are not able to take your position, then your stock advisory will provide you the solution in that situation.
  • Order Rejected In Position – If you buy the shares of a company and your order is being rejected repeatedly our experts provide you the solution to this problem immediately.
  • Portfolio Problem – As soon as you trade a company's stock or other markets with your demat account and/or do not see it under your portfolio, you should consult our experts so that we can solve your portfolio problems immediately.
  • Futures And Options Issue – While trading in futures and options, keep in mind the time period of your futures and make all the settlements before the expiry of the future time period.
  • Fund Settlement – If your fund settlement is not being done by the stock exchange then in such circumstances you can consult our experts who will provide complete information about the fund settlement.

We Are A Private Stock Market Advisory

We also provide advisory services with a private stockbroker in the Indian stock market. We work personally to provide advice on market movements and investments. For the past 10 years, we have regularly consulted our traders with good people. Provided investment opportunity where we provide personalized solutions and quick resolution of trading problems to every trader with 24/7 support

Make Investment Secure With The Stock Market Advisor

By investing in the stock market with a good advisor, you can protect your investments from risk in the future as they are experienced and take constant study. They provide you the opportunity under the right strategies where you can directly contact us for buying or holding the security as per your wish and for intraday trading-related advice.

Stock Market Advisory With Trading Recommendations

We being the individual stock broker and provide solutions to our traders with a reliable stock advisory and solutions related to trading in NSE/BSE and Multi Commodity Exchange under current problems. We provide long-term short term and position and basic services. To inform traders about additional initial public offerings and other investment-related schemes and to give them the right advice clearly showing the profit and loss potentials.