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Annual Return

The annual return is for traders trading with us to accumulate dividends throughout the year. Any trader who does business with our company under the supervision of experts gets notice of the increase in his capital investment and portfolio and all financial activities every year.

Company Annual Return Report

Annual Return On Stock Market

We demonstrate at the end of the year the benefits and prosperity of the way you have traded with our company in the stock market in the first year, in which we tell our customers how much they will get during the year by trading with us.

We show you in our report how you will get benefits if you do business with us throughout the year, we secure your capital in every sector of the stock market and in every type of situation.

Indices - ETF - 1 Year13 - 15%

Derivatives - 1 Year 18 - 25 %

Stocks - 1 Year35 - 45%

IPO Market

We have presented important information and facts related to the investment prior to the initial public offering of all companies, as a result of which you invested in it. Today we are going to tell you how much profit has been made in 1 year by investing with us in the initial public offering.

Your Investment100%

Annual Return On IPO - 1 Year60 -80%

Mutual Funds

If you want to get a profit on your capital by taking less risk and you have preferred to invest in Mutual Fund Scheme with our company, then here we present to you what percentage of the capital you get in 1 year.

Annual Return On Mutual Funds - 1 Year10 - 15%

NSE BSE Top Stocks Annual Return List
If you invest with us

Annual Return Will Be Received By You

If you invest together with our company, according to the guidelines of our experts, you can get very good returns throughout the year from the investment made.

IPO Market - 1 Year70 - 95%

Stocks - 1 Year45 - 55%

Mutual Funds - 1 Year18 - 23%

We Have Secured Your Investment

Our annual report clearly shows that when you invest according to a strategy with our company and experts, we attach great importance to the security of your investment as capital is important to make a profit.

We offer our investors the opportunity to invest in fair and reliable securities, the strategies we create depend on market conditions. If you also want to secure and evaluate your investment, we will provide you all types of primary services

Wherever you have invested, we will inspect and analyze it and issue you a clear annual report. In which you will be able to see how safe and profitable your investment is according to the circumstances of the present time.

Your Portfolio Performance

When you see your growth rate as a good portfolio with us, you will definitely be able to see that there will be a lot of changes in your portfolio over a period of 1 year, where you have invested in financial markets other than investing.

We advise you to work under a scheme wherein you can see your growth rate under the portfolio. When you were investing by yourself, you were unable to get a suitable profit despite taking a lot of risks but when you If you are investing with us according to the right strategy, then surely you will get a good profit and your portfolio will grow in front of you.

The Total Return Must Be Calculated

Now you should assess yourself that if you invest as per your desire and despite taking the risk you are not able to get that profit because you are confused because you do not have full experience of the financial market.

According to the advice of our company and experts, you have invested in the stock market somewhere in 1 year, the result of which will be presented to you. We will show you clearly in our annual report that you have started trading with us ever since then. What kind of facilities and benefits have you received?