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Legal Information

You should be well aware here that what information is important for trading and investors about which they should be well known.

Legal Information

Legal Information For Traders

If you want to partner with our company and seek the advice of experts by becoming our merchant, then you must first make sure that you have all the important documents related to displaying your identity so that we are here to make sure that you are genuine Are merchants and able to work with our company.

Legal Information For Investors

If you are a broad investor and are going to invest in the stock market for the first time, then you should have some important information related to it like you should have a demat account through which you buy and sell securities in the stock market. for which you should have all your legal information and documents

Legal Information For Traders
  • You should have access to your demat account. No one should provide it to anyone else at your own will.
  • If you want to invest or buy shares in the company, then it should be registered with NSE and BSE
  • You must register as a trader in CDSL with a demat account.
  • Must have a nominee of your demat account and investment
  • If you have physical shares then you should convert them to digital format and always buy shares only in digital format.
  • While buying shares, remember that shares have been transferred to you here by CDSL.
  • Always check your brokerage and observe that the brokerage charge is being levied as per each order.
  • Get advice from experts before investing in any company on which SEBI or legal action has been taken by the government civil court
  • Whichever company is going to buy the shares, first find out whether insider trading is not happening in it, in such a situation your investment may be at risk.
  • Fake s.m.s. And stay away from calls and greed advisory companies