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Avoid Fraud

Our expert has given some tips to cheat you and to avoid fraud in the stock market or trading. If you follow them then definitely you can trade safely and invest in the stock market.

Avoid Fraud

Beware of this type of fraud

  • IPO Frauds - After launching its IPO, the company can make money fraud. Take full information of any company that you are investing in the IPO and decide that it is listed on BSE and NSE.
  • Insider Trading - Whenever buying and selling shares of companies on the basis of internal news or any internal information of a company is under insider trading, doing so can increase the risk on your capital and there may also be a situation of capital sinking.
  • Avoid Fake News and Blog - Keep in mind before making any decisions related to investing in the stock market based on any news and published on the blog, as no one is aware of the findings of the market, all give news based on their analysis and data.
Avoid Insider Trading
Avoid Fake News and Blog

How many types of fraud can happen in the capital market

  • Demat Information - Do not share the Demat account information in the first meeting with any stranger other than your broker and financial advisor. If it has happened by mistake, change your Demat password.
  • Fake Call And SMS - Beware of fake calls and do not click on the link given on any kind of greed SMS
  • don't install fake applications in mobile - Do not allow Demat account access while installing other applications in mobile

Why do you need to be careful

If you deal in the equity market and are trading to invest in the stock market, then you should be careful about a lot of things because a small mistake can cause a lot of damage to you. We want our traders to feel safe and always free in all respects, for which we have provided guidelines here.

Disk with stock broker for troubleshooting

If you are facing any problem in the stock market and want to get a solution, then discuss it with your stock broker once before making any decision. He will give you the right advice, being an experienced and expert.